Why Quantum Art?

Working in perfect accord over timezones and continents to deliver refined technology to business users.

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Preview & Restore

Preview & Restore
To help you avoid the "oh my God" moment, QP7 features full audit trail with backup and restore functionality. Worry not, your contents will not be lost.

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Web Government Services

Because whether you’re implementing e-Government services now, or plan on doing it later, approaching mandates mean the grace period will soon be over.

With years of expertise in building online commerce systems for some of the world's largest media companies, international air carriers and well-respected oil and gas consortiums, Quantum Art brings a depth of commercial world expertise to bear in helping local government create e-Government services and technologies.

So what exactly is an e-Government service?

Put in the broadest possible terms, an e-Government service is an online application that replaces a trip to the City or County Hall for residents and businesses.  This application can provide any kind of information or transactional service and is available to constituents electronically on a 24/7 basis.

Within this broad definition, Quantum Art uses a structured and proven approach to e-government services, providing increasing value to government organizations and their constituents:

Published Information One-way, outbound communications.

General Information
Meeting Minutes
Searchable Data
Requests for Service A request for service or follow-up not requiring any additional communication beyond the original submission (assuming that the original information provided was complete).

Fire Inspection
Noise Complaint
Pest Report
License or Permit A communication or interaction requiring verification of identity or two-way interaction.

Building Permit
Engineering Permit
Business License
E-Commerce An online financial transaction.

Property Assessment
Business Tax Payment
Parking Ticket
Utility Bill

How does the QP7.Framework address e-Government services?

Quantum Art believes that e-Government services start with efficient content management that builds a foundation for transactional services, whether it’s pothole reporting or more sophisticated parking ticket payment.  To that end, QP7.GOV is equipped with forms management capabilities and e-commerce extensions that can allow any local agency to start providing online services in a matter of weeks.

As a start, we generally take into consideration the e-services framework Quantum Art has developed to address local government needs:


Q P 7 . G O V


Graphical User Interface
Built-in ADA Compliance
Secure, browser-based access

Online Content Management -

Level 1 Information Publishing
Complete system for online publishing - administration, content and template tools.

Online Forms Creation -

Level 2 Service Requests

Business-user interface for creating simple interactive forms and underlying tables.

Online Application Development -

Level 3 and 4 Services

Open framework for building Licensing/Permitting and e-Commerce Services.

Application Modules

Pre-built modules for Level 3 and 4 Services.
Custom-built modules for Level 3 and 4 Services.

Integration Extensions

Pre-built extensions for internal and external integrations.
Custom-built extensions for internal and external integrations.


Workflow design & configuration
Customized Templates Content Layout


Development & Integration

Application Module development
Integration Extension development
Custom Integration Services
E-Commerce Integration


Service Contracts