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Understanding that innovation leads to success is what driving our team to take that extra step in delivering refined technology to the end user.

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Preview & Restore
To help you avoid the "oh my God" moment, QP7 features full audit trail with backup and restore functionality. Worry not, your contents will not be lost.

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QP7.GOV is an advanced content management framework created with the government user in mind. Quantum Art’s leveraged its experience and ongoing relationships with many public sector organizations across the country and has developed a solution that uniquely addresses the need to streamline web content management in the government space.

By fully separating content from presentation, QP7.GOV delivers exceptional abilities in centralized content management, global change management, and flexible and fast data output. It is a solution designed from the ground up to leverage the online environment specifically for creating and managing complex web presences for people-focused organizations. Using QP7.GOV a government organization will be able to address the needs of its constituents with a flexible platform and a gradual approach to online government services.

What will it deliver?

Using QP7.GOV as the core of the organization’s website, you will implement a versatile content management solution specifically architected to allow department heads, users groups, and individual content managers to be directly involved in the website maintenance process. By offering the ability to edit content through an intuitive graphical interface, QP7.GOV will:

  • provide an extremely easy-to-use content management tool for content contributors and development tools that offer great flexibility to technical management;
  • streamline the way individual departments and the organization as a whole manage website information across multiple locations; and
  • overall, help to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

QP7.GOV will offer a local government to present its information from the services perspective, yet continue internal managing it departmentally. The solution will be implemented to address specific information needs of residents, visitors, and business, as well as other government information and services consumers.

What about internal content management?

QP7.GOV delivers all the content management capabilities of the QP7.Framework, including flexible object-oriented templating mechanism. Using pre-existing objects or developing custom ones, a government organization will be able to quickly create and launch an intranet solution integrated into its existing application architecture. Such intranets can be designed to share contents with publicly-facing websites or function as “walled gardens,” limiting information access and distribution to internal consumer only.

Can I speak with other governments using QP7.GOV?

If you would like to speak to a government organization working with Quantum Art, please email us at for a list of references. 

How to get a copy of QP7.GOV?

If you are interested in more information about QP7.GOV, please email us at . For a demo of the solution, please fill out the demo request form.