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Configurable role and permissions management with granular controls for content & functions.

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Quantum Art’s QP7.Multi-Tenant is a solution under the QP7.Framework designed specifically for launching and managing multiple websites within a single cluster environment. Created for delivering QP7.Framework functionality as a hosted service, QP7.Multi-Tenant provides an optimal solution for managed services providers to enhance their offerings with a platform for dynamic content management. Going beyond page-based content management, QP7.Multi-Tenant delivers a content application server that uniquely addresses next-generation enterprise content management needs, including process-based publishing and RSS/XML syndication and transformation technologies.

QP7.Multi-Tenant offers flexible deployment options, including the publication of a dynamic site to a hybrid (UNIX/Windows) network. In addition, QP7.Multi-Tenant offers advanced site provisioning, management, and administration controls, enhanced clustering and server optimization mechanisms, and flexible licensing options.

QP7.Multi-Tenant Deployment Architecture

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Distributed access and centralized control, with coordinated Administration and simplified Content Management on an extremely flexible and Extensible foundation.

Q P 7 . M U L T I - T E N A N T


Multi-Tenant management and provisioning
Graphical User Interface
Secure, browser-based access
Multiple concurrent user support


Configurable role and permissions management
with granular controls for content & functions
Separation of staging and production

Site Administration

Centralized, multi-site publishing
Site Backup and Restore

Document Publishing

Inline posting and linking within WYSIWYG Editor for any document type - PDFs, DOCs, etc.

Content Management

Highly flexible scheduling (start-stop, rotation, etc)
Configurable content permissions
Content Check-out / Locking
Customizable workflow with e-mail and IM notifications
WYSIWYG editor with Office-style editing controls
Copy and paste support from Office applications
HTML editing for power users
Automated dynamic generation of menus

Online Forms Creation

Business-user interface for creating simple interactive forms and underlying tables
Template Design

Reusable, object-oriented component framework
Supports highly used conventions (JavaScript, Flash, CSS, HTML)
WYSIWYG preview


Application Development
Provides an applicattion platform for custom component development


What benefits do I get vs. QP7.Enterprise?

QP7.Multi-Tenant is optimized for an environment where sites for multiple organizations are deployed from a single server farm.  In addition to minor differences in the feature set, QP7.Multi-Tenant offers a compelling licensing model for managed services provides.  To find out more, please email us at .



How to get a copy of QP7.Multi-Tenant?

If you are interested in more information about QP7.Multi-Tenant, please email us at .  For a demo of the solution, please fill out the demo request form.