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QP7.GOV E-Procurement

QP7.GOV E-Procurement
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New and Improved QP7.7

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February 2009

Quantum Art is pleased to announce the latest version of its flagship CMS product, QP7.7. New features and improvements have been added to simplify the user interface and enhance the user experience.

Built on top of QP7.Framework and increasing the capabilities of QP7.6, this release also extends the platform support of the QP7 product line for the latest operating systems, database servers, and browsers. The Site Backup and Update Synchronization tool has been enhanced to provide easy deployment of functionalities developed on local servers to live production servers, with improved stability and more efficiency than ever before.

Users are sure to benefit from the increased usability, compatibility, and efficiency that this new version will provide. These enhancements serve to streamline the user experience while providing the consistent performance you've come to expect from Quantum Art.


New Features

Extended Platform Support

Windows 2008 and Vista added to list of supported Operating Systems

Ability to use SQL Server 2008 as your database server

Support for Firefox 3.x and Internet Explorer 8.x RS1 browsers

FCKEditor 2.6.3

New FCKEditor integrated with QP7.7 to enhance user interface

Light-weight HTML text editor with no need for any installation on client system

A new context menu option for opening links in editor

Encoded email links from the Link dialog to prevent being harvested by spammers

Ability to create, modify and remove DIV containers

Automatic generation of a   character using the SHIFT+SPACE keystroke

Ability to enable the browsers default menu using the configuration file

HTML samples for legacy HTML and Flash HTML

Feature to instruct the editor to not handle hidden field updates on form submit events

Implementation of ParentStyle plug-in to the editor


Site Backup and Update Synchronization Tool

User-friendly User Interface for Site Update page

Content section categorized as 3 groups: Insert, Update, Remove

2 content sub-sections Article and Field added

Intuitive and informative names for all content section elements

New UI for content group

Hidden HTML controls for no related objects in the backup

Content and Backend

Ability to display milliseconds and seconds in system date/time fields for content

Renewed copyright information on Backend pages


Site Backup and Update Synchronization Tool

Site Update for content with notifications

Update of index for sub-fields and relation field data for articles

Content field constraints, Site Library files, article attachment files, and images restored from backup

Creation of 'Create Like Site' with shared content

Ability to change field types after Site Update operation

Miscellaneous Modules

Ability to insert special HTML symbols in content field description from backend

Ability to anonymously access virtual directory for backend after installation