Why Quantum Art?

Understanding that innovation leads to success is what driving our team to take that extra step in delivering refined technology to the end user.

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Preview & Restore

Preview & Restore
To help you avoid the "oh my God" moment, QP7 features full audit trail with backup and restore functionality. Worry not, your contents will not be lost.

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QP7.6 Framework

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In July 2008, Quantum Art announced the release of QP7.Framework Version 7.6. Designed to optimize website creation and content editing processes, QP7.6 has advanced editing features enabling business users and SEM/SEO specialists to create optimized landing pages, mini sites, splash pages and more without the need for a developer. Developers are now empowered to build locally and deploy globally to separate testing, staging and production environments, allowing for distributed development and enhanced unit testing. Administrators can easily manage hundreds of users and apply permissions with new tools that allow for inheritance from parent to child groups making it easier to maintain social networking and community sites.

QP7.App is a framework providing organizations a new level of interoperability allowing developers to integrate multiple web-based applications into QP7.6, applications such as custom help, support, analytics, newsletter, order management, or virtually web app relavant to the main site. Additionally, backend CMS functions can now be exposed to the fontend website enabling greater personalization and secure interaction with website content. Fully integrated with Visual Studio 2008, QP7.6 allows you to easily migrate existing custom .NET applications into your CMS-managed website running on QP7.

Business User Administrator Developer QP7.Apps Versioning Enhanced WYSIWYG Visual Editor Cutting edge .NET templating environment QP7.Apps Extended API Functions Permissions Management Decentralized Development



Cutting edge .NET templating environment

Ability to develop, assemble and debug on local workstations
Full MS Visual Studio integration 
New “smart” assembly algorithm


Provides  Extended Application Hosting Shell  for bringing custom written or external apps into QP7.Frameworks
QP7.Apps enable developers to build custom applications like Help, Support, Reports, Analytics, viewable by users in the same Backend interface where they manage  their CMS
Integrated with permission mechanism. Can support single sign-on
Ability to expose back-end functionality through front-end to non technical users exposing back-end features on the front-end

Extended API Functions

The Users, Groups & Permissions core services can now be used for frontend Users, increasing the platforms power and flexibility as a Social Networking / Community Application solution
Dynamic Image support in Form Functions
Object Inheritance
Business User


Provides Extended Application Hosting Shell for bringing custom written or external apps into QP7.Frameworks
Integrated with permission mechanism, supports single sign-on (SSO)
Ability to expose Backend content management functionality through Frontend web applications to non technical users


Versioning for templates and objects
Color marked version comparison for content and code
Full history preview and restore

Enhanced WYSIWYG Visual Editor

Visual Edit field can now be used by content editors to create mini-sites, splash pages, landing pages and other special purposes pages without need for development
View, add and edit related contents from a single screen, for example add or edit Staff from a Departments Content
Both relative and absolute links can be placed in Visual Edit fields
Site styles & formatting determine the appearance and semantic value of the content
The editor now loads more than 3 times faster than before, with no impact on its advanced features

Permissions Management

Nested User Groups, allowing inheritance of permissions from parent to child groups to increase effectiveness of permission management
Ability to search the Users module makes user administration easy for organizations with hundreds of users
Backend Integrated Security integrated in Publishing Container, allowing to filter articles based on backend permissions

Decentralized Development

Ability to develop, assemble and debug on their local workstation, saving time and eliminating more bugs before code is moved to the staging environment
Additional parameters for Stage Mode (DNS, Assembly Path) at Site Properties