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Local governments serving more than 10% of US population do it using QP7.Framework. What's powering your online initiative?

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Want More Pretty Pictures?

Want More Pretty Pictures?
Say you are running a survey and want to display the results as a graph. A content management system can't really handle something like that. But then again, this isn't a your grandfather's CMS.

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Quantum Art’s QP7.Enterprise (formerly, Q-Publishing) is an optimal solution for dealing with structured content on the web and across an information-driven organization.  Going beyond page-based content management, QP7.Enterprise delivers a content application server that uniquely addresses next-generation enterprise content management needs, including process-based publishing and RSS/XML syndication and transformation technologies.

Based on advances in database design, object-oriented templating, and distributed publishing, QP7.Enterprise platform breaks though the ease-of-use/flexibility trade-off.   It is the first solution to blend the push-button publishing approach of a blog and the openness and flexibility of an application server environment. It provides organizations with a platform for capturing, transacting with, and publishing multiple types of dynamic data.

With a set of vertical applications on top of the platform, QP7.Enterprise uniquely addresses specific needs of intranet management, government online services, educational online initiatives, and corporate marketing strategies.

Through a rich feature set and a library of pluggable components, QP7.Enterprise delivers a complete solution to:

       deploy and manage multiple sites or web-applications

       distribute content management processes across the enterprise

       continuously incorporate processes and assets

       apply content management best practices

       increase the value of existing information

       building a foundation for online service provisioning

QP7.Enterprise Architecture

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Distributed access and centralized control, with coordinated Administration and simplified Content Management on an extremely flexible and Extensible foundation.

Q P 7 .  E N T E R P R I S E


Graphical User Interface
Secure, browser-based access
Multiple concurrent user support



Configurable role and permissions management
with granular controls for content & functions
Separation of staging and production

Site Administration

Centralized, multi-site publishing
Site Backup and Restore

Document Publishing

Inline posting and linking within WYSIWYG Editor for any document type - PDFs, DOCs, etc.

Content Management

Highly flexible scheduling (start-stop, rotation, etc)
Configurable content permissions
Content Check-out / Locking
Customizable workflow with e-mail notifications
WYSIWYG editor with MS Office-style editing controls
Copy and paste support from Office applications
HTML editing for power users
Automated dynamic generation of menus

Online Forms Creation

Business-user interface for creating simple interactive forms and underlying tables
Template Design

Reusable, object-oriented component framework
Supports highly used conventions (JavaScript, Flash, CSS, HTML)
WYSIWYG preview


Application Development
Provides an applicattion platform for custom component development


Innovations in QP7.Enterprise

Using object-oriented templating, a highly flexible database structure, and innovative performance acceleration techniques, QP7.Enterprise offers:


       Greater flexibility in design and information architecture


       Considerably less coding and faster implementation of a dynamic web presence


       Full plug-and-play reuse of micro-applications, such as calendars, polls, recruitment, capture, etc.


       Ability to tap into a an open development community for third-party components


Overall, QP7.Enterprise delivers greater control over implementations, as coding (performed by developers) changes to assembly and configuration (performed by advanced business users, e.g. power Excel user).


How to get a copy of QP7.Enterprise?

If you are interested in more information about QP7.Enterprise, please email us at .  For a demo of the solution, please fill out the demo request form.