Why Quantum Art
For enterprises and nonprofits alike, content is always “King,” but the end-user has recently become a very demanding “Queen.”

Today’s successful companies have learned to respond more rapidly to changing markets and conditions by adjusting and modifying appropriate online content. At the same time, end-users have come to expect and demand relevant information more quickly. As a result, most enterprise websites are growing by nearly unmanageable proportions, and website managers are drowning in the mass of critical supporting content that lies beneath everything they do online.

If, like most commercial enterprises or non-profit organizations, you currently manage an intranet, an extranet, multiple corporate websites, and participate in numerous partner websites, you need a sophisticated content management system (“CMS”).

Quantum Art’s CMS solutions are designed for the sole purpose of driving the achievement of business objectives. And by enabling our clients’ business users to define and control the publishing rules and manage the editorial processes, they can significantly reduce the involvement of their IT departments in day-to-day activities and updates—thus improving time-to-market.

Our clients’ primary content management objectives are generally geared to increasing online transactions, gaining process efficiencies, and accelerating time-to-market. Additional goals might include maintaining user interface and brand identity; heightening security; improving agility and ability to respond to changing conditions; and maximizing subject/category specialization and accountability. Accordingly, we have dedicated ourselves to enabling our clients to become highly market responsive, and to create more customer-driven online environments by publishing just-in-time (“JIT”) content according to rules set by business owners, marketing leaders, product managers, and content editors. Thus, our CMS solutions enforce quality control mechanisms to ensure the most user-centric navigation and search schemes to attract, capture, and convert customers.

The result: the assurance that your most important content isn’t diluted by the constant influx of new information. And, that your diversified website presence is increasing the visibility, persuasiveness, and consumption of your offering.