Customer Support

Quantum Art Customer Service provides support for our products to customers with the goal to help you reap the highest level of benefits from the platform by assisting you to use our products effectively.  Our commitment to this is manifested through continued development of resources: our product documentation, our training program and through our support engineers.

All Quantum Art products are sold with support agreements, with a choice of three levels. We use an online issue submission system for support inquiries from our current customers, and we receive questions from others with unsupported products (like QP7.Express or freeware based on the QP7.Framework) via an email inbox. 

Please take advantage of these contact options to get the assistance you need:

  • Support Contacts of customers with current support agreements can create a case using the "Create a Case" link
  • Potential customers who want to know more about our products can contact
  • Problems with the website (downloads, bugs, etc.) can be sent to
  • Requests for consulting or professional services can be sent to